Launching Teenagers into the World of Entrepreneurship

Students can collaborate and create

Have you ever had a genius idea randomly pop into your head?

Maybe it came to you while you were lying in bed at night, or in the shower, or brushing your teeth. Or maybe it came as the aha moment after weeks of thought and deliberation.

As teenagers interacting with the world in countless ways each and every day, our heads are full of unique ideas. They say the younger you are, the more creative your mind is. So why aren’t more high school students turning their venture ideas into realities? We have the ideas, we have the motivation, and we have the time. So what’s holding us back?

While I don’t claim to know all the answers, I do think we at least have part of the solution. Regardless of how many great ideas we have or how motivated we are, our youth simply aren’t taught what it takes to get a business off the ground. The first couple of months of a venture, where you’re taking it from concept to prototype to product, are some of the most crucial. However, youth have no idea how to even get this process started, let alone go about actually getting things done in this time.

Sure, many of us can go about building a website or creating social media pages. But a substantial business is about so much more than that. If you need to get a product professionally manufactured, partner with other, legitimate entities, or get legal support, to name a few, chances are you have no idea where to start.

These reasons, this lack of knowledge and confidence that we teenagers have, are why so few of our ideas are brought to fruition. We’re smart enough to navigate the professional world, but we have no introduction or instruction to it. They say that you’re just a kid, that you should just wait for college. But that’s not enough for some of us. Some of us want to make our mark now.

Venzur is for that type of person. Someone with the motivation, drive, and mindset to be an entrepreneur, and who’s tired of waiting. If you want to start changing the world while you’re still a teenager, I’d like to welcome you to our community.

At its core, Venzur gives you a platform to share business, nonprofit, and other project ideas that you have with a community of like-minded students. This provides you with a couple of opportunities.

Firstly, it allows you to solicit feedback for your ideas. You can learn if something is truly a valuable solution that people would use, or if it’s best not to pursue it. Since we are often biased towards our own ideas, this feedback stage is incredibly valuable.

Second, Venzur guides you in actually getting your ideas off the ground. We enable you to team up with other students to build your idea, allowing you to pool your knowledge, skills, connections, and resources. With the right team behind your back, startup tasks suddenly become much easier. Each of you has unique knowledge and skills, meaning you can specialize in the areas that you excel at. And with each of you having your own unique connections and resources, you gain access to more assets for your venture than you would ever have alone. Connections are the lifeblood of business, so having a team to grow your company’s network is invaluable.

With these advantages, the daunting task of starting and managing a business becomes much more doable. There’s a reason team-based entrepreneurship is so popular in the business world. However, this isn’t even all that Venzur has to offer you. If you don’t have or don’t feel like pitching any particular ideas, it can still be used as a platform to network and educate yourself. Being in the community gives you ample chances to interact with and befriend fellow students around the world. Further, the site provides you with chances to learn more about entrepreneurship and is full of interesting reads and resources.

If you’re a student interested in business, entrepreneurship, or just beginning your professional life, we invite you to join Venzur. You can learn more about the platform here or create your account here. We look forward to welcoming you to our community!

-Zach Stevenson, Venzur CEO

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